Grace Dell Aquila Testimonials

“Andie did so well at the talent show last week. It brought tears to my eyes. I know you would have been very proud. Thank you for working with her and helping her to shine.”
Cyndi Moreno, mother of voice student Andie Moreno, Kentucky, 2013


“Grace Dell Aquila has the skillset to bring out the very best in her students. She applies discipline, passion, persuasion, and her own excellence to meet each student's needs. Grace has and continues to generously and wisely develop my daughter's singing talents and provides counsel about her prospects in music as a career. I highly recommend Grace without hesitation.”
Bryan Loy, father of voice student Merryll Loy, Kentucky, June 2013


“Grace is the most amazing teacher I have ever known. After many, many years of frustration and getting absolutely nowhere, Grace has quickly taught me how to hit the notes I want to sing, and how to improve tone. She does not use a cookie cutter approach, but instead seeks to find what it is that a particular student is missing. She is very flexible and wants to know what you want to do. And, if you are not open to doing things a certain way, she will find another approach. She continues to open my mind to new concepts and the counterintuitive truths about singing that make all the difference. Everyone can sing. Most people don't know how. It's not difficult, but there are a lot of misconceptions about singing. The main thing to me is that with Grace, learning to sing is easy and fun.”
Dean Sechrest, voice student, Kentucky, 2013


“Emily LOVES taking lessons with Grace. I feel so lucky to have found her.”
Suzanne Slaven, mother of voice student Emily Slaven, Kentucky, 2011


“Thank you for being part of our pre-game festivities on August 2, 1999. Your rendition of the Star Spangled Banner was so dignified and beautiful. . . a perfect compliment to our Thurman Munson tribute.”
Kristina Papa, New York Yankees, New York, August 1999


“Just wanted to let you know that Mary Charles had a great performance in the talent show today thanks to all your wonderful help! She was very proud and I can't thank you enough for your encouragement and kindness to her!”
Leah Leasure, mother of voice student Mary Charles Leasure, Kentucky, 2011


“Vocalist Grace Delligatti [now Grace Dell Aquila] impresses by her ability to handle such diversified material. Her powerful voice did justice to Debbie Harry and Janis Joplin; no small feat.”
Island Ear Magazine, New York, June 26, 1989, p. 26


“She can send an exuberant rush up your spine or calm you with a soothing, soulful ballad. The lady is amazing.”
River City Music News, Ohio/Kentucky, December 1994, p. 12


“Grace Delligatti [now Grace Dell Aquila] possesses an incredible voice and extraordinary stage presence.”
Good Times Magazine, New York, August 11, 1992, p. 23


“I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the time you have taken to build my voice! You help me whenever I need it and you don't mind taking the time out of your day to help! Thank you so very much and I look forward to seeing you this Thursday.”
Andi Moreno, voice student, Kentucky, 2011


“Grace is in complete control of her powerful voice.”
Regional Entertainment Directory, Indiana, November 1994, p. 24


“Every band has its secret—or not-so-secret—weapon, and for Another Colour, that would be vocalist Grace Delligatti [now Grace Dell Aquila].”
Newsday, Part II, New York, February 28, 1992, p. 85


“Thank you for encouraging Lakin with singing. You are a positive force in her life and make a big difference.”
Greg Barrett, father of voice student Lakin Barrett, Kentucky, 2011


“Delligatti [now Dell Aquila] is a voice power box of majesty.”
Good Times Magazine, New York, November 05, 1991, p. 26


“Delligatti's [now Dell Aquila's] fiery stage presence—including a leonine mane that definitely qualifies as big hair—takes a back seat to her powerful voice and dramatic delivery.”
Newsday, Part II, New York, February 28, 1992, p. 85


“I wanted to let you and Paul know how much we appreciate your giving Merryll the opportunity to sing during your performances. I can't express how much it means to her. I so appreciate your kindness and encouragement. You are both very talented performers, but you are also wonderful role models for the youth you are in contact with. I am grateful that Merryll found you.”
Peggy Loy, mother of voice student Merryll Loy, Kentucky, 2012