Welcome to the Website of Vocalist Grace Dell Aquila

Grace Dell Aquila provides voice lessons in all popular music styles for students of all ages. Private lessons are scheduled weekly in half- or whole-hour sessions. Each lesson begins with a light warm up and a series of vocalises (singing exercises) that are designed to foster vocal strength and flexibility, pitch accuracy, and fullness of tone. Other drills are performed that develop breath capacity and increase the overall vocal range. Time is also reserved each lesson to work on songs of the student’s choice. Whether preparing for weekend karaoke, a role in an upcoming stage performance, fronting a live band, or singing at Sunday Church service, the choice of music and style is yours. Students will also be engaged in the study and discussion of microphone technique, musical equipment setup, popular song forms, voice projection and enunciation, vocal health, and other pertinent topics. Please take your time exploring the website, and do not hesitate to contact Grace directly with questions or to schedule a personal meeting.

Future Voice Students

Future voice students please contact Grace through one of the available options at the Contact Page.

Current Voice Students

Current voice students please visit the Voice Lessons Page to view and download lesson information, practice files, and other supplementary material.